9:00 amMindful MorningsMindful Mornings: Learn a new languageThree free months of Rosetta Stone
10:00 amJournalVirtual JournalVirtual Journal
11:00 amHomework HelpStaff members will help you with homework questions via Gmail.bgcelshomeworkhelp@gmail.com
12:00 pmLunchTry a new recipeFood Network Recipes
1:00 pmMember ChoiceFree TimeSend us pictures of how members are spending their free time at home
2:00 pmExploration TimeNational Park TourTravel to National Parks
3:00 pmSTEAMStraw RocketsStraw Rockets
4:30 pmDaily FitnessIFS Virtual Energy BurnIFS Virtual Energy Burn
5:00 pmArtsVirtual SketchbookVirtual Sketchbook
6:00 pmBrain BreakChocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies

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